What is AutoGPS? used for?

The AutoGPS electronic logbook uses GPS to easily and reliably monitor the movement of your vehicles, personnel or transported cargo. The detailed electronic logbook is created from automatically processed tracking data. You can use various map sources (Google Maps, Seznam Maps, Openstreet Maps, etc.). In the application, you can easily differentiate private drives from business ones, supervise the fleet (service of cars, technical inspections, faults, ..). More than 150 report formats and over 40 types of notices are available to you. Last but not least, the GPS installed can save your vehicle in the case of theft as well as save you money for accident insurance.

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GPS monitoring

The AutoGPS electronic logbook is not only used for monitoring of cars and trucks, but also enables monitoring of construction and agricultural machines, heavy-duty technical devices, racers or ships. Thanks to the wide offer of supported devices, AutoGPS can also be used for surveillance of persons (children, seniors). Much attention is given to monitoring of transports and consignments of valuables, for which we also develop and continually improve our own hardware. Have a look at the functions and options we provide for individual monitoring.

Monitoring of passenger vehicles
Monitoring of trucks
GPS monitoring of persons
Monitoring of goods
monitoring of construction machines
Monitoring of racing vehicles