QR monitoring of containers

We have extended our Electronic logbook system AutoGPS with a possibility to add a QR unit.

What is it about?

QR unit is a virtual unit that is not installed anywhere and has no hardware requirements. This unit is not about real-time tracking but about finding out where the marked object, machine or thing is currently located or what was its last location.

We mark an object we want to watch with QR code. This code is generated by AutoGPS and we just print it and place it to a visible place. The code is a standard QR code which we know for example from business cards or advertising brochures. The code stores a name that is unique for each QR unit.

How does the QR unit system work?

The principle is very simple. If you already have a QR unit inserted, select the option to scan QR code in the AutoGPS mobile application (the unit is inserted exactly the same way as GPS units / trackers, only the QR unit label has to be added). Scan the QR code using camera in your phone. That is all. The application already knows which unit it is and adds the current GPS coordinates to this unit from your mobile phone / tablet. This is how to update the last known position of QR unit in AutoGPS. The number of QR units is not limited.

Where can I use the QR unit system?

Thanks to its simplicity, the system can be easily used in a wide range of operations, rentals, in companies with mobile technology or road transport. Since we have developed the entire AutoGPS Electronic logbook system and have a solid client base, it is no problem for us to make small adjustments according to customer’s request. This makes the whole system more adaptable.

Examples of use:

Construction companyA bigger construction company works on several orders at once and has a larger fleet of construction machines. Cars, excavators, cranes and other mobile machines is better to equipped with a hardware unit for online monitoring. But then there are machines such as compressors, platforms, power generators and similar devices of smaller size that do not need to move. However, it is necessary to have an overview of where and on which order the individual machine / device is located. Thanks to the QR unit, it is enough to scan the code when the machine arrives to the construction place and a controller knows exactly where the machine is. Then such unit is the responsibility of the local construction manager or an authorized worker.

Transportationa company that owns its shipping containers and does not need online tracking. The priority is the overview of the number of containers in different places.

Mobile toiletsa company that delivers mobile toilets to festivals and other events. The request is an overview of the equipment – how many, when and where is it located.

Advantages of QR units in AutoGPS

Even thought the QR unit is virtual, we treat it in a similar way as a hardware unit. We can set up a service interval, geo zone notification, create groups etc. on each QR unit. Thanks to the AutoGPS system, deployment into daily operation is very simple and the possibility of application is unlimited.