Monitoring of goods

For monitoring of movement of consignments, our system offers a lot of specialized functions and hardware. Optional monitoring of the consignment movement in real time is self-evident. Moreover, automatic alert when the consignment enters the target area is convenient. GPS monitoring of goods can also facilitate tracing of a lost or stolen consignment during transport.

During transport of valuable, fragile and sensitive consignments, or consignmenst which require observance of specific transport conditions, it is possible to use hardware we have developed for these particular purposes. It is based on the EMM probe for measurement of the surroundings – the probe measures ambient temperature, pressure, humidity, lighting, tilting, 3D orientation and overloading. The data measured are displayed to the user in synoptic interactive graphs. The system automatically responds to exceeding of monitored limits; thus, if problems occur, it can save the consignment transported.

The EMM probe is also included in the SmartBox device used for monitoring transports on long routes. SmartBox features a compact design, with the GPS tracker, high-capacity Li-Ion battery and EMM measuring probe in a single box. All of that is interconnected by an intelligent control board providing SmartBox with another great advantage, a really long duration. This you can particularly appreciate during time-consuming transport – typically, this concerns ship and railway container transport.

Main advantages

  • Monitoring of consignment movements in the server maps with optional evaluation of the position with a minimum time delay.

  • Optional automatic alert when the consignment has entered the selected – target area.

  • Facilitation of consignment tracking in the case of theft or loss during transport.

  • Optional measurement of the environment by means of the EMM probe which we manufacture. The following values are measured – temperature, pressure, humidity, lighting intensity, shocks, 3D orientation and overloading. You will appreciate that during transport of valuable, fragile or sensitive consignments or perishable consignments. The system will automatically notify you if the monitored values are exceeded (too high temperature or humidity, vibrations above the permissible limit or illegal opening of the consignment).

Hardware for monitoring of goods

Suitable hardware is important for perfect monitoring of consignments. For monitoring of physical quantities detected during transport, we have developed a special probe sensing data from the environment and converting these data into digital form. For transports of smaller consignments to a closer distance, the probe itself, connected to the GPS tracker, is sufficient. SmartBox is intended for monitoring of transport to longer distances and time periods. This offers interconnected probes of GPS tracker and additional accumulator in one compact device.

EMM probe

We have developed the unique EMM probe for measuring of physical quantities of the environment exactly for the TEMS system needs. The probe measures ambient temperature, air pressure, air humidity, lighting level, 3D orientation, gravitational overloading and vibrations. The probe collects these data in its buffer and sends them periodically through the connected GPS tracker to our servers, in which they are further processed.


SmartBox combines the GPS tracker, EMM probe and external accumulator into a single compact box. This solution is suitable for monitoring of long and time-consuming transports. At the same time, however, SmartBox facilitates work with its solution of fastening the monitoring device to the consignment.

More of EMM probe
More of SmartBox

Summary of the AutoGPS electronic logbook functions

  • Elektronic logbook - history of the vehicle movement
  • Real-time view of the vehicle position (real-time monitoring)
  • Wide variety of notices (speeding, fuel decrease, notice related to areas, events, ...)
  • More than 100 reports and print sets
  • Optional entry of the journey type (private / business)
  • Driver’s identification by means of the dallas chip
  • Application for trip / vehicle booking
  • User-defined geographical areas (which can further be processed in notices)
  • User-defined points in the map (home, work, ...)
  • Odometer state entry
  • Refuelling entry
  • Consumption and costs calculation
  • Optional data import from tanking cards
  • Monitoring of technical inspections and service intervals
  • Vehicle expenditures and receipts recording
  • Optional entry of faults in the vehicle
  • Evaluation of the driver’s driving style
  • GSM localization
  • Optional measuring and display of the battery voltage and other values
  • Special page with on-line listing of alerts with a sound effect
  • Display of standing on site
  • Monitoring of border crossing
  • Display of most frequent destinations
  • Remote data pick-up from the tachograph
  • Planning of routes
  • Optional recording of documents
  • Map sources of Google Maps and
  • LPIS supporting documents for farmers
  • Connection to the central protection panel
  • Optional setting of final accounts
  • Reading data from CAN
  • Classification of cars into branch offices
  • Optional connection of external devices (such as: fuel rod, probe for measuring the environment, ...)
  • Localization in 16 languages