Electronic logbook

Using the GPS system, the application of the AutoGPS electronic logbook will enable you to monitor movement of all your cars, personnel or goods transported simply and reliably.

The acquired information is automatically processed and the electronic journey log is generated continuously. The output in the form of more than 150 different reports and graphs can be used for tax purposes.

The elaborate system of alerts by means of SMS or e-mail takes care that no important event escapes your notice any longer.

The logbook gives a lucid overview of all important information from the history of trips and positions of the object monitored. You can easily switch between the daily, weekly and monthly overview. The aggregate statistics of trip, standstill, costs and fuel state are adjusted according to the display.

Important information, such as entered information on fuel, travelling expenses, type and purpose of the trip, are accessible by a single click.

The individual trip types are differentiated by colours, both in the listing and the speed graph. Thus, at first sight, you can see when and where the vehicle moved and in which stages of the trip it exceeded the speed limit.