System alerts inform users on events of various types during the vehicle operation. The alerts can be saved in the database, sent by means of SMS, e-mail, mobile or web notifications or displayed in pop-up alarms with a sound signal (suitable for operators of the dispatching centre). Records of generated alerts can also be utilized, for instance, as a data source for various report types.

Examples of some useful types of alerts

  • Terms of service inspections
  • Trip beginning and end
  • Speed limit exceeding

  • Detection of sudden fuel decrease

  • Entry into, exit from or passing through a defined area

  • Crossing borders of various states

  • Vehicle movement outside the permitted time

  • Driver authorization error

  • Communication with the unit interrupted

  • Emergency state of the vehicle crew

  • Vehicle battery disconnected

  • Aggressive acceleration, turning or braking

  • Limit values of temperature, air humidity, lighting or atmospheric pressure exceeded