Mobile application of the AutoGPS electronic logbook

You can have an overview of movement of your cars, property or close persons even outside your office or home. We have developed an application for you for smart mobile devices with the Android, iOS and WP operating systems. Thus you can have everything under control thanks to your mobile phone or tablet only. The AutoGPS application can be downloaded freely in Czech, Slovak, English, German, Polish and Portuguese.

Our team is continuously working on this application and adding new useful and important functions. If you have any observations, suggestions or problems, please write to us.

Overview of functions of the AutoGPS mobile application
Listing of units and their states
Push notifications – alerts
Quick real-time
Real-time map
Real-time video
Listing of trips
Listing of inputs
Listing of events
Speed graphs
Altitude graphs
Measuring graphs
Display of trip in the map
Display of inputs in the map
Display of events in the map
Display of movement after trip in the map
Display of fuel consumed
Display of the driver
Display of driving style
Change of journey type
Change of driver
Entry of purpose
Entry of fault
Entry of tanking
Entry of expense
Entry of milometer state
Programmable buttons
Navigation to the unit
Service confirmation
Listing of orders
Assignment to / removal from the order
SMS localization
Information for technicians
Supported languages: Czech Slovak English German Polish Portuguese