Savings calculation

If you use the Auto-GPS journey log, your administration will be simplified essentially, there will be no need to fill in the logbook manually; moreover, you will save up!

Essential elements saving finances

  • Increased number of private trips declared
  • Reduced utilization of vehicles resulting in their reduced wear
  • Fuels and service savings
  • Working hours overview
  • Clear and lucid utilization of the rolling stock, possible disposal of inefficient vehicles
  • Control and check of the vehicle fleet movement in logistic companies
  • Well-arranged consumption check – elimination of fuel theft
  • Vehicle security – tracking in the case of theft

  • Accident insurance savings (approx. 7%)

Illustrative example

Simple calculation per one vehicle drawing on the average of 40,000 miles driven annually.

If the AutoGPS logbook is used, on average, 20% of miles driven can be saved in total. This 20% is either not driven at all or transmitted to private trips. When we estimate the approximate fuel cost to be $.35 per mile, the fuel saving would be $2800 per year per vehicle.

1 vehicle 2 vehicles 3 vehicles 4 vehicles 5 vehicles
1 year $2800 $5600 $8400 $14000 $28000
2 years $5600 $11200 $16800 $28000 $56000
3 years $8400 $16800 $25200 $42000 $84000

Moreover, lower wear, less frequent servicing, insurance and vehicle security savings and others should be added to these savings. The total return of the original investment is less than one year.